One of Nuclear Networking’s favorite partners engages in Intelligent Sourcing. Our partners own and operate a food ingredients company specializing in pure liquid cacao, the first of it’s kind! Through marketing, company growth, and relationship building, our partners found themselves in Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Amazon, and a few quality local breweries and coffee shops.

The company’s B2C story was wonderful, but we needed to find a more creative way to reach the B2B markets to share this delicious ingredient by the drums. Enter Intelligent Sourcing. Through market research and a vast knowledge bank of information from Cholaca CEO, Ira Leibtag, we took a bigger look at how a chocolate stout was made in breweries. We had chocolate, they need chocolate for beer. It made sense. We quickly identified pain points in the industry including excess waste, lengthy cleanup processes, and far from adequate traditional chocolate products commonly used in this process, like cacao nibs.

The pain points were satisfied, the story was clear, we needed to showcase our findings to partners in the brewery industry making chocolate stouts. Using Intelligent Sourcing and the processes above, we sourced and contacted hundreds of major breweries across the USA and offered to send them a sample of the chocolate to try it for themselves. This resulted in Cholaca being picked up by over 283 breweries in only the first 3 months of Intelligent Sourcing. Cholaca had a great story and a quality loss leader. Some may ask if intelligent sourcing is right for their company. At Nuclear Networking, we are happy to discuss any questions about this unique service and provide a free initial source to vet the opportunity before committing on any level.

Did this story make your mouth water? Learn more about our partners at Cholaca by clicking the logo. We also recommend finding a local brewery or coffee shop that carries Cholaca near you to taste the fine quality ingredients.

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