Nuclear Networking is skilled at working with co-op marketing programs to fuel specialty campaigns. We present quality reporting to show exactly what those co-op funds produced.

What Are Co-Op Funds?

Let’s say you operate an online t-shirt company that carries multiple brands. You’ve just struck a deal to carry brand Nuclear’s shirts—nice!

Nuclear’s leadership is just as excited, so much that they also want to jump-start sales through an online advertising campaign. You already spend a good amount on advertising and are hesitant about redirecting too much of your budget to just Nuclear.

To overcome this, Nuclear proposes that for every dollar you spend advertising their shirts, they’ll match with another dollar. You don’t have to worry about spreading your ad budget too thin while Nuclear gets the ad campaign they want. Win-win!

The money given to you by Nuclear is called a co-op fund. These funds are a great way for strategic partners to work together to everyone’s benefit. Distributors, manufacturers, and retailers often use co-op funds to boost advertising efforts, especially since companies higher-up the supply chain have less name recognition in the minds of consumers.

Nuclear Networking specializes in helping clients use co-op funds effectively and efficiently. We never take the “build-it and forget-it” route. Instead, we’re always analyzing performance and optimizing campaigns to make sure you’re getting the most from your co-op funds.

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