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Nuclear Networking Implements AI and Machine Learning Into Digital Advertising Strategy

DENVER (December 15, 2019) • Denver-based digital marketing agency Nuclear Networking has implemented AI and machine learning tools into its digital advertising strategy, allowing for 24/7 competitor monitoring and better budget spending.

“At Nuclear Networking, our core digital advertising managers have a high level of business acumen and a wealth of experience, they understand how to leverage our machine learning and AI tools not available to other agencies,” said Tyler Horsley, CEO of Nuclear Networking.

The move toward this implementation began when Nuclear Networking started looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition while offering high-value services to clients. “Since almost any agency inclined to do so could become a Google Partner after successfully passing the training courses, two things stuck out that were not easily obtainable to set us apart; a sophisticated staff and aggressive AI + machine learning tools which have a steep barrier to entry,” said Horsley.

AI and machine learning allow Nuclear Networking to monitor competitor ad activity 24/7 and work on optimizing campaigns even while the company is closed. Coupled with management expertise, these tools ensure the best results at the most efficient price for our clients.

Of course, Nuclear Networking is always looking for ways to differentiate itself and continues to offer the best services around. “If somehow accessibility to the top 10% of employees and machine learning + AI becomes more prevalent, be sure we will be in front of that trend as well with something better,” said Horsley.

Nuclear Networking’s digital advertising solutions include Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Amazon. Nuclear Networking is offering a free analysis on their website for companies interested in learning about their paid advertising opportunities.

About Nuclear Networking

Nuclear Networking ( is an enterprise-level performance marketing and SEO solutions company founded in the tech-centric community of Denver, Colorado in 2010. Nuclear Networking has driven successful forensic SEO and performance Google Ads campaigns for its clients. Additional services include 3-stage PR, Amazon SEO, high-quality backlink building, and competitor strategy deconstructs.

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